IIFW | 7 Makeup Tips That Make You Look Amazing in Photographs

Makeup is really a most integral part for a woman. For them, the importance of makeup cannot be neglected. It enhances the look and the beauty of a girl and makes her look more beautiful and young. One should know the art of doing and applying makeup in order to CONTINUE READING

IIFW | 5 Hottest Hair Trends for 2018

5 Hottest Hair Trends for 2018 Every year is a new year and we need to change with time. We need to experiment few things. Let it be new hobbies, fashion, or hairstyles, this year say yes to new styles and don't feel shy to try them. Here are the 5 CONTINUE READING

IIFW | 8 Party Outfit Ideas To Look Super Sassy

Here are 8 Party Outfit Ideas To Look Super Sassy: Saree Gown After being inspired by your favorite Bollywood beauty’s red carpet look, it is time for you to look sassy in a saree gown. There are plenty of options available online, or you can get a saree gown customized CONTINUE READING

IIFW | 5 Types Of Shoes That Every Girl Must Own

  1.Metallic Peep-Toe flats These peep-toe flats are for all seasons. Every girl must include these in her wardrobe for they are stylish, and can be office appropriate or sexy, depending upon how you choose to wear it.  Go on-trend and opt for a pair of metallic peep toe flats CONTINUE READING